tumi sacred Inka pendant necklace, silver, 3 dimensional with stones

Apu D'Apu jewels

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Medical professionals, medical anthropologists, archeologists, it is time to honor your profession with a very unique piece of jewelry. This sacred symbol comes from Peruvian culture. It's name is TUMI and will connect you to the ancient Peruvian medical tradition. By fact the sacred Tumi is also known as "The Big Medical Doctor."


  • 3.5 cm
  • representation of Tumi, the Inca Medicine Man, half sun, half human
  • 3 dimensional pendant
  • 950 silver & natural Peruvian gemstones
  • hand-made, following premium Inca jewelry traditon
  • healing functions
  • on 950 silver necklace
  • in Peruvian cotton-wool jewelry bag
  • free international shipping
Tumi has a half human, half sun face.

It is a reminder to all medicals to always work with the force of the Sun. A human himself is small, but, connected to the power of the Sun can easily help patience heal. The Sun is the essence of life.

Your necklace comes activated.

In order to efficiently work, the jewel needs to be activated. For this, you are getting some special personalized instructions. In order for me to write them, you will need some communication with me first. I will send you detailed English instructions on things to do before wearing it and which day wear it first.

3 happy llamas will get your TUMI KING to your doorpost.

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It takes 10 days to Europe, 21 to the rest of the world.
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We focus on quality & sacred prayer.
Ours is a small jewelry business. We are Carlos, Elisabeth and Barbara. We make small quantities because we like to offer you only premium quality. We make each piece in sacred prayer and, well, of this particular piece, there is only one available.
Wearing a TUMI necklace is a way to express who you are without saying a word.
Thank you for supporting our small jewelry business.

It is thanks to you if we are making it on the market. You are supporting Carlos, Elisabeth and me. You are allowing us to put food on the table. You are also helping traditional Peruvian Inca jewelry art to exist on the market.

Every time you support a small business, there is a real person doing a happy dance.

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