women necklaces

Dear Ñusta all the most beautiful necklaces for you are here. How can I serve you today?

My dear, let me remember you your power, your beauty and your sacred connection with the Universe.

To remind you of your feminine power, I recommend the large 7 color  Pachamama or the smaller Pachas.

To remind you of your beauty, I have the starfish.

To remind you the Apus, our beloved mountain spirits that always look on you,  I would give you the Apu's feather.

Are you asking about your favourite holy site, your beloved Macchu Picchu? Oh, my dear, I have a pendant with it's image. How lucky you are.

For you, dear QOYA, our hands shaped the 950 silver and only the best natural Peruvian semiprecious stones. Exactly as the ancient Inca used to do.