The top 5 Inca stones, which are they and how can they benefit you

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Of course you like fine jewelry, who does not. However, do you know the importance of what you are going to wear? I mean the stone. Yes, natural stones are the real thing that can benefit you in one way or the other. Those are jeweler's words. What are you looking for? What would you like more of in your life?

Do you feel you want to say something but nobody hears your voice? Than make yourself a favor, get a beautiful Peruvian Turquoise. This beautiful stones was very used by the Incas themselves. It is known as the stone of communication. No doubt the Inca King loved it so much: it helped him to communicate what he wanted to be done.


Or maybe you want a better self esteem, self acceptance and trust in your own judgement? If this is the case, the stone for you is the Peruvian Lapis Lazuli also known as Sodalite. Never heard before? That is the beautiful dark blue one, with a glimpse of gold-silver-copper. The most famous one is from Afghanistan, but we have the Peruvian version too.

For the one that is going through hard time dealing with a certain situation in a relationship, I recommend Abalone. This grey-green-purple shell is the representative of water and it will tame the flames of one's emotional strife. Abalone will provide you that layer of protection that perches the spirit up with the confidence necessary to view situations from a new, more understanding perspective.

And what if you prefer to get a lighter work on yourself? Than a good stone can be the Mother of Pearl. It will give you a more gentle healing: will help you to be more relaxed, it will stimulate your intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability. Not bad ah?

Lastly, if you are a couple looking into having children or giving birth to a big project you want to grow well, for you is the Mullu, the shell considered to be the symbol of fertility and prosperity by the Inca Gods. You know Mullu as spiny oyster or spondylus.. It comes in different colors: red for those that need passion, orange for those in need of a higher intelligence, yellow to keep well tied to the sun and purple for the realization of spiritual projects.


Now, is it hard to decide? I know, I know. You want all of those properties and you need them now. I got you covered, Apu D'Apu has an ample selection of jewelry pieces with all those stones inside. You are invited for a visit, are you coming?



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