tree of life with inca calendar around, small pendant necklace from Peru

Apu D'Apu jewels

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Wear a symbol associated to prosperity, health, spirituality and harmony. This tree of life necklace has those attributes and will make your life much simpler and lighter. Besides that it has the symbols of the Inca Calendar around.

Key details:

  • Premium quality traditional Peruvian Inca handmade jewelry work
  • 950 silver
  • natural Peruvian gemstones inlay: blue sodalita / white mother of pearl / purple spondylus
  • 2.3 cm large
  • on 950 silver necklace
  • in Peruvian cotton-wool bag
  • Personalized instructions for activation, in English language
  • 3 llamas on cover letter

What means activation?

A necklace has to enter in communication with wearer's energy field. It's ok to choose it and wear it. It is better if you talk to the jewel first, present each other and make a small cerimony. I always talk to my pieces, however, if the receiver introduces him/her self too, it is better. This is why this necklace comes for detailed instructions on how to do that. For this, we will have some private communication.

Tree of life is also a symbol of family and connection to ancestors.

It is a great gift from grandparents to their niece, specially if she has Peruvian origin. It's also great as a gift to a far away relative, a cousin or recently re-discovered family. Also for your mum, when you want her to remember her ancestors.

3 lovely llamas will bring the package to your door.

The jewel gets to your door in 10 days (Europe), 15 (USA), 21 (elsewhere).
I pack each order.
Each package comes already ready for gifting ;-)
The 3 llamas on the envelope, will make sure to get a smile from each person involved in the handling.
Yes, you will feel warm in your heart once it comes into your hands ;-) and most probably you will stick the 3 llamas to your fridge.

Your money is safe here.

One more thing, yes, your money is safe here. Check the my FAQ.

Each order comes with a tracing number. You will be able to trace your package 24/4.

Delivery: 10 days Europe / 14-21 USA, Canada / 24 Other

Thank you for supporting small business!

By choosing Apu d'Apu you are supporting a small traditional handmade jewelry business. We are into quality rather than quantity. We do care about out mountains and we always ask them for inpiration before we go into work. It is thanks to you if we are making it on the market. You are supporting me, Carlos and Elisabeth. You are allowing us to put food on the table and you are allowing the professional Inca jewelry tradition to continue.

What you do makes a difference, you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. - Jane Goodwall

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