jaguar spirit animal guide necklace, handcarved red spondylus on leather

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Jaguar spirit, there is something that will make you happy here.

So you finally did your power animal connection and you discovered your animal of power is the big feline. Congratulations, dear.

It's time to honor the big cat connection, don't you think?

The Inca culture, but also the pre-Inca, as the Moche, Chavin, Huari, they all had huge respect for the big feline. There is a whole temple dedicated to the jaguar in Chavin de Huantar.

The Incas and also the Pre-Incas admire in the jaguar its courage, strength and beauty. All of them are great qualities to develop in the spiritual journey, right?


- jaguar representation as per North Peruvian cultures.

- jaguar = strength, the achiever

- hand carved all one piece precious red mullu also known as spondylus shell, very beloved in the Inca culture

- 4 cm large

- on adjustable soft leather necklace

- in Peruvian textile bag

- super juicy benefit: comes with personalized instructions for activation. A mantra and meditation and the proper day will ensure the best activation possible. This will ensure all of your power animal attention and thankfulness.

Besides all those great details, there is one more: the package comes in a hand decorated envelope representing 3 llamas going to Macchu Picchu. It will ensure a smile on your face at receiving it.

You can cut out the decoration and stick it on your fridge or wall.

Important, you have to know that Mullu is rare and specially such a high quality mullu, of this bright red color and of this size is becoming more and more rare to find.

Collectors know that and they pay for it. Such a piece can easily be valued 350 USD. But your piece comes with mantras, meditations and blessings, which adds value to it.

I only have 3 jaguars available.

I cannot say if i will ever have more, because mullu is scarse, i m telling you.

And people like it as spondylus was considered the food of the Gods and is known it helps in prosperity and pro-activity.

I m looking for ships that are ready to awaken and transform into the jaguar that lives in them. Are you one of those?

If you are, I would be honored to help you adorn the spirit animal guide in you.

I feel the western word needs more awaken jaguars, I know my jaguar pendants can help those that are ready. This is why I offer them on this promotion price.

You are getting an awesome piece, directly from Peru.

If you are serious about your shamanic path, i recommend you get your jaguar now, before someone else does. I m telling you I only have those 3 pieces.

Once you click the button, i will personally email you with the details of the shipment.

It now takes 10 days to Europe, 21 to the rest of the world.

Every Apu D'Apu piece travels with a tracing number, traceable on

Your money is safe here. Should you for any reason change your mind within 3 days, from delivery, you are getting your money back, once you are sending the item back to me. But, truth, costumers are always very satisfied with Apu D'Apu jewels and service.

One more thing: by choosing Apu d'Apu you are supporting a small traditional handmade jewelry business. It is thanks to you if we are making it on the market. You are supporting me, Carlos and Elisabeth. You are allowing the professional Inca jewelry tradition to continue.

What you do makes a difference, you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. - Jane Goodwall

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