chakana inca, large Peruvian cross necklace for man

Apu D'Apu jewels

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Inca culture can be very attractive.

If you are an ancient Inca soul reincarnated, you know what i talk about.

Have you walked on the magical land of Peru in this life time? Been to Macchu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the jungle etc. Oh, dear, this is such a unique experience. You must do it.


- premium handmade traditional Inca jewelry from Cusco, Peru

- chakana, also known as Inca cross, is the Inca symbol that holds all the Inca wisdom inside

- 950 silver

- all 7 premium natural Peruvian gemstones used in Inca jewelry

- on a leather necklace with silver endings

- Peruvian textile bag

- hand drawn cover on package, 3 happy llamas will ensure good treatment all the way during shipping and get a big smile on your face when they appear at your door post.


Please note, I will be almost absent from wifi for the months june, july, august 2022. I will visit very remote areas in the country, i may have to be out of wifi for so long. This is why the payment process will not work those months. I invite you to contact me through, let me know your interest and i will give you the instructions.



Do you know a pendant has to be activated?

Yes, you got it right. There is 2 phases, one I will do for you. You will do the second part.

You will receive accurate instructions to follow in order to ensure the proper activation: on a particular day that I will indicate you, you will do a small meditation, mantras, prayers and connection as in instructions.

This will allow the pendant to create the best connection with your soul.


This item is totally handmade. We are talking about premium quality. Of course, made in sacred prayer. As I told you, it also comes with activation instructions.

This is a real piece of modern Peruvian Incan jewelry. A collector will easily pay for it some 350 USD, but you know the value is more, as you get the activation procedure included.


All Apu D'Apu jewels are made by us, 3 small artisans based in Cusco, with a big mission: find the Inca souls incarnated in the western world and help them awaken, for the benefit of all of us.

This is why we are prepared to give it for less than its real market value, we want the owner show up quickly and start the process.


Also, lots of effort, patience and dedication goes into each single piece of ours.  But this also means, our production is small, we prefer quality into quantity.

This is why, I only have 1 piece available.

The International Free Shipping makes it out a no brainer.


If you are serious on your Peruvian connection, I recommend you get it now.

I will be happy for the TAITA INTI to find home somewhere in Europe, North America or Australia. There is so much need for the simple Peruvian wisdom in those western countries, that is why I am prepared to give it to you on a promotion price.

You are getting an awesome piece, directly from Peru.


Once you click the botton, i will personally email you with the details of the shipment.

It now takes 10 days to Europe, 21 to the rest of the world.

Every Apu D'Apu piece travels with a tracing number, traceable on

Your money is safe here. Should you for any reason change your mind within 3 days, from delivery, you are getting your money back, once you are sending the item back to me. But, truth, costumers are always very satisfied with Apu D'Apu jewels and service.

One more thing: by choosing Apu d'Apu you are supporting a small traditional handmade jewelry business. It is thanks to you if we are making it on the market. You are supporting Carlos, Elisabeth and me. You are allowing the professional Inca jewelry tradition to continue.

Thank you so much,