chakana inca cross pendant necklace, 2 cm large, double face turquoise 950 silver

Apu D'Apu jewels

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This chakana is 2 cm large, which makes is the perfect size for those of us who want to wear it every day in the western world, but without giving too much into the eye. And even better, this Inca cross in double face: you can use the turquoise side or you can use the plain silver.

Key details:

  • 950 silver + natural Peruvian turquoise
  • traditional jewelry work from the Inca culture
  • 2 cm, 0.4 Inch
  • double face
  • slightly rounded, bold
  • + 950 silver necklace
  • + jewelry bag
  • + English instructions for activation
  • Ready to ship: 7 days Europe, 14 -20 days USA / Canada, 21 days rest of the world

Did you know a jewel needs to be activated?

Most of people never heard about the importance of the activation process of a jewel before wearing it. This is why this chakana comes with the personalized activation instructions I will write for you. Yep, it is good talk to the jewel first and give it instructions. We are going to do this from 2 sides. I will be en charged with one side, you with the second. We will find your Apus and your Pachamama and will connect them to  us. Will that work? Yes, we will agree on the first day to wear it.

So what are you getting with this Apu D'Apu chakana Inca cross?

  • a jewel from mystical land of Peru
  • a connection to the Apus and Pachamama's from Peru
  • a piece of Peru to wear on you neck, wherever you go. Once the pendant is activated, it's like a little shaman walking around with you 24/7
  • a piece of Inca wisdom to always carry on you. It is the reminder that the secret of life is simple: it's all about connecting to your beloved Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the mountains (Apus). Observe nature, walk in the woods, consult the threes, rivers and also stars. All you need is there, the Inca knew it and they now share it with you through your Apu D'Apu jewel.

P.s. I currently have only one in stock. If you are serious about your connection to the Inca wisdom, i recommend your to get your chakana now, before someone else does ;-)

One more thing, yes, your money is safe here. Check the my FAQ.

Once ordered, the jewel gets to your door in 7 days (Europe), 15 (USA), 21 (elsewhere).

I personally pack each order and I make sure they travel in very cute and loving envelops, so that each person involved in the handling, does it with great care and a big smile.

Yes, you will feel warm in your heart once it comes into your hands ;-)