inca trilogy pendant necklace, 950 silver

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This piece is the Inca Trilogy necklace will be your little shaman, reminding you the Andean wisdom, wherever you are. The Inca Trilogy will remind you of the different levels of consciousness of people. Some are snakes, some are pumas, some are condors. Still, all are under the same Sun and the same Moon. There is no reason to fight each other. It's rather a matter of continuing on one's spiritual path. We all start as snakes, soon or later we become pumas and then condors. What really matters is the positive transformation.

Key details:

  • Traditional INCA jewelry from CUSCO, PERU
  • Representation of the Inca world
  • Anaconda, puma, condor + father Sun + mother Earth + Andes + Tumi (the healer on the hook)
  • Green chrysocolla gemstone circle well protecting the Inca world
  • 3.5 cm + hook
  • On 950 silver necklace
  • + English instructions for jewel's activation
  • Includes Peruvian jewelry bag + 3 llamas on your envelope ;-)
  • International delivery in 14 to Europe, 21 days rest of the world
  • Free International Shipment included

Did you know a jewel needs activation?

Most of people never heard about the importance of activation for a jewel before wearing it. This piece comes with the personalized activation instructions, in English language. I write them for you. Yep, it is good talk to the jewel first and give it instructions. We are going to do this from 2 sides. I will be encharged with one side, you with the second. We will find your Apus and your Pachamama and will connect them to us. Will that work? Yes, we will agree on the first day to wear it.

3 lovely llamas will bring the package to your door.

The jewel gets to your door in 10 days (Europe), 15 (USA), 21 (elsewhere).
I pack each order.
Each package comes already ready for gifting ;-)
The 3 llamas on the envelope, will make sure to get a smile from each person involved in the handling.
Yes, you will feel warm in your heart once it comes into your hands ;-)

Your money is safe here.

One more thing, yes, your money is safe here. Check the my FAQ.

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By choosing Apu d'Apu you are supporting a small traditional handmade jewelry business. It is thanks to you if we are making it on the market. You are supporting me, Carlos and Elisabeth. You are allowing us to put food on the table and you are allowing the professional Inca jewelry tradition to continue.

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