Inca Sun God pendant necklace for man, Peruvian 950 Silver Jewelry

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Catch the sun. Bring the sunshine to your dear ones. Let the Inca Sun God connect you to the ancient Inca culture.

The Inca people love the Sun so much that they tie it to some holy spots called Inti Huatana, ever heard about that?

At the same time Inti Raymi is a one month celebration dedicated to the Inca Sun God. It’s central day is every 24th june. It’s a once in life must experience for you, sun child.

Yes, yes, I hear you saying “Oh, dear, would love to go, but it is such hassle to travel all the way down there now...and then there is the altitude thing...”

What if I tell you there is a hassle-free way to connect to Inti Raymi, without moving from your home?

Dear Sun child, let me help you connect to the biggest and most ancient live festival dedicated to the Sun God. Simply from your home.

There is something I designed and made especially for you.

It comes to you in a beautiful package, from Peru.

Let us have a look inside:
  1. There is a closed letter, endorsed to you.
  2. There are some clear instructions for activation of that item in the little bag.
  3. You open the bag and inside you find a super cool INCA SUN GOD NECKLACE.
Some key details are:
  • Large Inca Sun God medal, symbol of life, prosperity, positivity
  • Premium handmade traditional Peruvian jewelry
  • On a black leather necklace with silver clasps
  • Original Peruvian Textile bag

Moreover, dear Sun child, there are some super juicy goodies here for you:

Did you know a spiritual necklace needs a 2 step activation for proper connection?

  • ACTIVATION is an important process that is frequently missed by jewelry lovers. A meaningful jewel needs to be spiritually activated in order for you to correctly connect to it. Activation comes in 2 steps: 1st I make for you. 2nd you receive well explained English instructions for the day to wear it first time, prayers to make, mantra to repeat. It all comes inside the package. Once you got your pendant, you are welcome to contact me for more detail.
  • SACRED PRAYER in all the making process.
  • The 3 lovely lamas on your envelope will ensure a smile on the face to each person handling your package. And of course a big one on your own face, at the moment of getting it.
  • This is a real, magical, meaningful pendant that you will be able to pass on through generations.
“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your sunshine."
You know, a travel to Cusco, Peru’, is gonna cost you thousands of USD and lots of hassle. A piece of Inti Raymi reaching you, at your home, will still allow you a decent connection and will also save your pockets from too big expenses. Moreover, it will connect you to Inti Raymi every year.

This product is regularly priced 300 USD.

I want to give my part to a positive renewal of the western culture, so I am having a special promotion on this necklace.

I only have 2 of them available. Given the current situation, we are in due to the movement restrictions, I cannot ensure there will be others available.

Also, this beautiful turquoise, of this beautiful color, is not so easy to get.

This is why I only ask 185 USD.

And best of all, you are getting free international shipment.

Your money is safe here: I m so sure on your satisfaction, that you have 3 day money back guarantee. This means that since the day you got it, you have 3 days time to change your mind, write me and get money back.

Concerned about receiving international shipments? No reason, my dear Sun child. I successfully shipped all my 400 international orders.

As well explained in the FAQ, each shipment travels with a tracing number and is traceable on

Please note that Apu D’Apu is a small business, run by Carlos, Elisabeth and me. We are small artisans from Cusco, Peru. Our work is inspired by the Apus, that is our local mountains. We treat our work as a holy ritual.

We carefully design and make each of our jewels. We do care about you. We are into quality rather than quantity. When you buy from this website, you support the life of real people. Also, you allow our business to continue. Thank you for supporting our small business.
When you buy from our small business, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, to dance for Inti Raymi. You are helping a young boy to keep his culture awake. You are helping us to put food on the table and continue celebrate our TAITA INTI.
Know that when you come to Cusco, you know you have 3 friends here, we will be happy to meet you for a good hike to some Apu.
What you do makes a difference, you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. - Jane Goodall
Please note, I will be almost absent from wifi for the months june, july, august 2022. I will visit very remote areas in the country, i may have to be out of wifi for so long. This is why the payment process will not work those months. I invite you to contact me through, let me know your interest and i will give you the instructions.