The 3 best necklaces for your man, directly from Macchu Picchu

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I know, I know, when it is about choosing a jewelry piece for your man, things are not so easy. I mean, for women, there is so much stuff, but for men, the options are reduced and also they do not like to wear jewelry all day long...after all they are man... But, you are lucky, because I got you covered on this and I have some ideas for you.

Let's start with this: who is that man, what qualities does he have and what would he like to develop? Is he a truth seeker, a healer or maybe the king of the party?

If he is a truth seeker, looking for a higher connection to the Inca culture, I recommend the Chakana also known as Inca cross. This symbol represents the energetical organization of the Inca Empire. All the secrets are there. Is this man worthed of wearing such a powerful symbol?

If he is a healer or medicine man, his pendant is the Tumi. Look at it, it is a knife, a human and a sun together. It indicates the human that responsibly acts by channeling the sun.

If he is or wants to develop the social skills, be more communicative with the public, be the protagonist in life, than Taita Inti, is the one I recommend.

Taita Inti, for the sunny character

Now, tell me, who does not want to enhance those 3 qualities?

Well, from one you have to start, right? Come and have a look. Get now something real and unique for your Inka man. It will come directly from Peru.

P.s. yes, I can write his name or date or whatever on the back side.



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