sun moon large Peruvian pendant necklace, Inca wedding, 950 silver

Apu D'Apu jewels

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This sun and moon necklace is the perfect gift for the spiritual bride. She will definitely appreciate this ancient Inca symbol. It represents the secret of a long-lasting love relationship. The one that Inca women passed on from generation to generation.

Key details:

  • Premium hand-made Peruvian Inca traditional work
  • 950 silver
  • 7 different selected natural Peruvian semiprecious stones
  • Sun & moon together = symbol of Inca wedding
  • On 950 silver necklace (small, medium or long length, as you prefer)
  • 4 cm large size, 5 cm with the hook
  • Personalized packaging with 3 small llamas
  • Personalized English instructions for jewel activation
  • Free international delivery
So what's exactly this Inca secret for the long-lasting love marriage & relationship?

Look at the symbol: there is a shining sun embracing a rising moon. In their background, there is the blue sky. All around them stay 7 spirals, representing the 7 Pachamamas (Mother Earths). Man has to keep shining, which means he has to keep stable. The woman is a rising moon.
But you know the moon has 4 phases, right? New, rising, full, falling.
Can a woman always stay in one cycle? Of course not.
Same as the moon, the woman has moments that she prefers to be on her own and others that she wants the man around her. It is very important to observe this rhythm: a woman has to put the borders and a man has to respect them. A woman has to take time for herself on those special days. By taking time for herself and her husband respecting her, she rises again as the most beautiful rising moon to her beloved always shining husband.
The 7 Pachamamas around are their protectors. They can be our Peruvian Pachamamas or your favorite 7. For sure one has to be the place of the wedding.

So, you get unique, premium quality, hand-made work. Whenever you will look at it, even in the most painful moment, you will remember to talk with your spouse. Also, you will remember to ask for help from the 7 Pachamamas, they are testimony to your union and they do answer.

Activation instructions in the package will ensure you get the best out of your piece.

Ever heard about activation? Most of the people never heard about it. A necklace has to enter in communication with your energy field. It's ok to choose it and wear it. It is better if you talk to the jewel first, present each other and make a small cerimony. I always talk to my pieces, however, if the receiver introduces him/her self too, it is better. This is why this necklace comes for detailed instructions on how to do that. For this, we will have some private communication.

We are Carlos, Elisabeth, Barbara.

Ours is a small business, we are 3 people: Carlos, Elisabeth and Barbara. We do care about delivering excellence to you, fully infused with the Andean soul. Carlos and Elisabeth are born just at the fits of Apu Ausangate, how about that? By choosing from Apu D'Apu jewels, you are supporting real people, that is us and our families. You are also allowing our small and loved business in the Inca jewelry tradition to continue.

Barbara is responsible with the shipment and communication. Whatever question, feel free to Contact Us.

Your money is safe here.

All our shipments travel with tracking numbers.

You will be able to follow your order online.

Delivery time: 10 days Europe, 14-21 USA/ Canada/ Australia/ rest of the world.

This piece is unique, no repetition.

Each wedding is unique and special, this is why this is a single piece: I only made one and I don't plan to make copies of it. If the piece is calling you, I recommend you to get it now, before someone else does ;-)
Thank you once again for your attention. Your order makes a big and positive difference to us: not only because it allows us to bring food to the table, but also because you became an ambassador of Andean wisdom abroad. We are people with a mission: we want westerners to reconnect to the simplicity of nature.
Please note, I will be almost absent from wifi for the months june, july, august 2022. I will visit very remote areas in the country, i may have to be out of wifi for so long. This is why the normal and immediate payment process through website will not work those months. I invite you to contact me through, let me know your interest, if there is any specific date required for delivery etc. CONTACT me first please. I will give you the instructions.