sun and moon mystical peruvian dangle drop earrings silver with stones


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Those wonderful sun and moon dangle earrings are known as the Inca love symbol and as such are perfect for proposal or weddings. They are hand made here in Cusco. They are of excellent fine jewelry quality and its mother of pearl will make you very attractive :-)

- excellent craftsmanship: pictures speak by themselves. Look at the dangles, look at the moon, look at the sun: observe even the smallest detail. See there is no holes, stones are perfectly cut, shaped, inlay into silver.

- solid 950 silver, almost pure silver, so your pendant will not tarnish & will always shine as the tear of the moon. Also, did you know that 950 silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections, aiding cold as also flu prevention?

- natural Peruvian gemstones and shells inlay: at Apu D'Apu this is very important, a jewel is not only something to make you look nice, each Apu D'Apu jewel has a energetic function too, that can only be done by using precious metal and real, natural  gemstones of our Peru.

- natural Peruvian abalone shell inlay to remind you that mystical iridescent energy color that is around angels

-abalone brings you energies of protection and emotional balance. It represents the water that will tame the flames of one’s emotional strife

- chrisocolla (peruvian turquoise, in turquoise or more green version) will benefit you with good comunication, because this stone is known for allowing inner truth and wisdom to surface and be heard.

- mother of pearl will bring you the peacefulness of the sea, will relax, sooth and calm your emotions. Will also stimulate your intuition, imagination and senstitivity.

- sodalita will help you heal emotions connected to guilt and phobias, because sodalite is the stone of self acceptance, self esteem and trust

- spondylus shell (red, orange, yellow, purple), brings the energy of peace of the deep ocean

  How do I know a gemstone is real and natural? The easiest way is the following: natural gemstones are always different, you see their different tonalities on colors. As for peruvian turquoise: has to have some lines of black, otherwise it s clearly fake, that’s the easiest to spot. In cheap jewelry they always use the fake one, because it's way cheaper. Another way: stones temperature is cold, whatever is not cold, is not stone.

- symbol of sun and moon together in the Inca culture means infinite love and the birth of the star child. If you feel a star child, that's absolutely your earrings.

- great idea for Mothers day, 18th birthday, 21st birthday or graduation

- earrings size: 1.5 cm each dangle

- inside pretty jewelry bag and with personalized cover letter: I always like that Apu D'Apu jewels spread a very nice energy to everybody on the path from me to you

- order processing time is 3- 5 days, shipping 14 - 21 working days. Aham, I know you want to know tracking...yes, shipments are traceable on


But...What is 950 silver? When we work metal, the practice is to make a mix of pure 1000 silver and something of alloy. We use 950 pure silver to 50 alloy. This ensures the silver will not tarnish and keep that moon color. Sterling silver is 925 pure silver to 75 alloy. Seems a very small difference, but that one will tarnish, 950 not.