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The huayruro seeds on this bracelet are for good luck. Every single child of the Amazonian tribes has a huayruro bracelet to protct him from evil spirits.  The huayruro seeds (ormosia coccinea) and silver beads that are strung on waxed cord. Adjustable slide closure ensures perfect fit for everybody. Peruvians consider it a good amulet for protection.It's that tiny bracelet that is always good to have :)

Key details:

- solid 950 silver, almost pure silver, so your pendant will not tarnish & will always shine as the tear of the moon. Also, did you know that 950 silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections, aiding cold as also flu prevention?


- natural Peruvian huayruro seeds, because we know their energy. There is a reason if all Peru knows they protects from evil eye

- silver beads indicate the moon and the pachamama, mother earth for Andean cultures

- meaning: infinite love of pachamama united with good luck represented by the huayruro seeds

- great idea for Mothers day or to seal important moments in life, because good luck and infinite love are always welcome, right?

- inside pretty jewelry bag and with personalized cover letter: I always like that Apu D'Apu jewels spread a very nice energy to everybody on the path from me to you


- order processing time is 3- 5 days, shipping 14 - 21 working days. Aham, I know you want to know tracking...yes, shipments are traceable on

 Here in Peru, to have some huayruro seeds always with you is a must.

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