chakana inca cross pendant for pleaiadian starseed people

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Chaska Wawa? Starseed? This chakana is for you. The Inca too consider themselves Chaska Wawa, children of the stars. The Inca souls come from Southern Cross Constellation, which corresponds to the Pleiades. They have Mama Quilla (moon) on the left and Taita Inti (father sun) on the right. Inca souls live between the Apus (mountains) and the Mama Cocha (lagoons). Southern Cross Constellation is where they come from and they always look at.

Please note, I will be almost absent from wifi for the months june, july, august 2022. I will visit very remote areas in the country, i may have to be out of wifi for so long. This is why the payment process will not work those months. I invite you to contact me through, let me know your interest and i will give you the instructions.

Key details:

- excellent craftsmanship: pictures speak by themselves. Look at center, where the southern cross constellation is, see how the blue stone lapis lazuli inlays. Look at the sides, observe the perfect inlay, ho holes, of the sun, moon, lagoon and Apu.

- solid 950 silver, almost pure silver, so your pendant will not tarnish & will always shine as the tear of the moon.
Also, did you know that 950 silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections, aiding cold as also flu prevention?
 -  natural Peruvian gemstones and shells inlay: at Apu D'Apu this is very important, a jewel is not only something to make you look nice. Each Apu D'Apu jewel has an energetic function too, that can only be done by using precious metal and real, natural gemstones of our Peru.

- natural Peruvian lapis lazuli (sodalite) inlay to remind you that mystical night sky in the Andes. Mother of pearl will connect you the snowed pick of the Apu (mountain), Peruvian turquoise (chrysocolla) to the Andean lagoons, red spondylus to the Andean sunrise. Yellow spondylus will connect you to the rising moon over the Sacred Valley of the Inca.

- natural sodalite (blue, Peruvian lapis lazuli) will help you heal emotions connected to guilt and phobias. This is the stone of self-acceptance and trust.

- chrysocolla (Peruvian turquoise, in turquoise or more green version) will benefit you with good communication. By fact, this stone is known for allowing inner truth and wisdom to surface and be heard.

- natural mother of pearl (white) will bring you the peacefulness of the sea, will relax, soothe and calm your emotions. Will also stimulate your intuition, imagination, and sensitivity.

- thorny oyster, technically known as spondylus shell (the red, orange, yellow, purple color), brings the energy of peace of the deep ocean.

- chakana symbol, because that's the way the ancient Peruvians draw the sun

- great idea for man, because of it's squarish shape, but if a woman is called to it, perfect too

- pendant size: 3 cm, that large size you like

- comes on a black leather necklace with silver endings, to keep a modern and easy going look

- inside pretty jewelry bag and with personalized cover letter: I always like that Apu D'Apu jewels spread very nice energy to everybody on the path from me to you.

- order processing time is 3- 5 days, shipping 14 - 21 working days. Aham, I know you want to know to track...yes, shipments are traceable on

The process of making and drawing this pendant is very unique. It is the result of a journey to Mt. Ausangate, a well respected Apu of Cusco. It's very cold up there, but there are thermal pools, where you can bath in the night (in order not to freeze) and in the meantime observe this sky full of starts. Trust me, it's very fascinating, you see this blue sky full of golden dots. You can see so many stars there and also you, like me, will be attracted by this particular constellation called the Southern Cross. You will have all night to contemplate it, as I did. In the end, I had to draw it into this pendant too.

You may be interested why I call it Pleiades, while you call it Southern Star. Then, please read further.

In Peru we call this constellation Pleiades, that is the famous door to home in Andean culture.
It was signed on a huge golden foil in Coricancha, the Gold temple in Cusco. I get you a picture here. This art is now in a museum in Cusco.
Have you ever been to Cusco?
In Peru we consider Pleiades and Cruzeiro do Sul the same constellation.
The Europeans, when they get to the southern hemisphere, were in the "catholic mood", so they saw a cross and called it Southern cross.
For the original Peruvian people, this constellation is the door to home.

The masters on the story of the "door to home" are the Aymara people. They live around Lake Titicaca. Aymara people are carriers of big wisdom, though they don't talk much to foreigners. Anyhow, maybe you could be interested to the books of Antonio Portugal Alvizuri. I personally know him, very nice soul, researcher of Precolumbian cultures, beings of light and extraterriestrials. I read all of his books. Antonio is a Bolivian of Portuguese origin, but is fluent in Aymara and got so close to those people that also wrote some interesting and easy to read books based on his life experiences with them. The Aymara appreciated his work and named him as one of them.

I see you can now get those books in english. Here goes one:

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