small inca cross chakana pendant silver, colorful chacana pendant Peru

Apu D'Apu jewels

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A classic from Peru, the Inca cross pendant, worked out in traditional Inca jewelry, in silver and natural Peruvian stones and shells. Colors are the colors of the Tawantinsuyo kingdom of Cusco.

Key details:
- complete artisan work is done in Cusco Peru
- unique jewelry tradition from Cusco Peru
- solid silver with inlaid natural Peruvian stones and shells
- colors of Cusco
- the traditional symbol of Inca cross, also called chakana, the most important symbol of the Inca culture
- the space in the middle corresponds to the ZERO POINT, place of no place, space of no space, where everything simply is and easily gets manifested
- 2 cm big
- includes: black leather necklace + jewelry bag + thank you letter written by me
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Chakana (Inca cross) is the most important symbol of Andean wisdom. You will find it on the doors and walls of houses, squares and of course in Macchu Picchu too. Chakana is much more than a simple cross, chakana is your mind´s map and it has the instructions of how to become enlightened. This happens, when you manage to discipline your brain to stay centered in that central point of the cross, which corresponds to the zero point, the place of no place and space of no space.