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Apu D'Apu jewels

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Your just found the best starfish earrings you will ever find around. Imagine them on your ears, this summer, at a sundown, at the beach. The silver waves of those earrings already sparkle around you? Can you feel it? Those earrings are simply unique. This fish star is a unique cut, handmade, the silver makes the ocean's wave, is artisan made silver too. Get them, get them, get them. Free shipping.

Key details:

- excellent craftmanship: please look at the details of this starfish. This is real natural peruvian spondyus shell, hand carved into such beauty. Look at the lines it has on surface, look at the dots it has on each arm, look the hole in the middle. Also, observe it' color, such beautiful orange red color that only nature can give us.

- solid 950 silver, almost pure silver, so your pendant will not tarnish & will always shine as the tear of the moon. Also, did you know that 950 silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections, aiding cold as also flu prevention?

 What is 950 silver? When we work metal, the practice is to make a mix of pure 1000 silver and something of alloy. We use 950 pure silver to 50 alloy. This ensures the silver will not tarnish and keep that moon color. Sterling silver is 925 pure silver to 75 alloy. Seems a very small difference, but that one will tarnish, 950 not.


- spondylus shell gives us the energy of the deepest ocean

- solid 950 silver for the waves

- size: 5 cm

- inside pretty jewelry bag and with personalized cover letter: I always like that Apu D'Apu jewels spread a very nice energy to everybody on the path from me to you

- order processing time is 3- 5 days, shipping 14 - 21 working days. Aham, I know you want to know tracking...yes, shipments are traceable on

Those earrings are dedicated to the amazing peruvian ocean. Have you ever been there? Oh, it s so abundant of marine life! There is starfishes, butterflyfishes, angelfishes, groupers, seahorses, moray eels, octopuses, crustaceans, green turtles, sea lions. Oh, it's so beautiful, you should come to experience it.

The Incas too liked the ocean, they like sea stars as offerings to the Apus (mountain spirits).