pachamama pendant large, with Inca calendar around, 950 silver, mother of pearl

Apu D'Apu jewels

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Western ladies, attention please. Here I have a stunning piece of Peruvian jewelry, that has the purpose to awaken the Goddess in you. Yes, my dear, you are the Pachamama, Gaia, Mother Earth. Through, you went through lots of dirty, but here you are, you made it, you are you and you are unique. In the same time you are one of the Pachamama team and it is time to honor that. Don't you think? Well, what better adornment and recognition than wearing this unique white Pachamama. And have a look at its details and all the Inca calendar symbols around. This piece transmits peace and wisdom just looking at it, how about wearing it.

Key details:

  • 3.5 cm large + hook
  • 950 silver
  • + 950 silver necklace
  • Mother of Pearl PACHAMAMA symbol of Mother Earth in the middle
  • Inca calendar symbols around. From top to right: Infinity, Koka leaf, Sun, Moon, Inca cross, Hummingbird, Llama, Tumi, Pachamama, Pachataita, Tree, Life
  • Personalized cover letter with personalized English instructions for the activation
  • Ready for gifting
  • Delivery time: 10 days Europe, 21 days USA/Canada/ rest of the world
  • Free International Shipping
To perfectly realize its purpose, a pendant needs to get activated.
Most people never heard about the importance of the activation a process of a jewel before wearing it. This is why this Pachamama comes with the personalized activation instructions I will write for you. Yep, it is good to talk to the jewel first and give it instructions. We are going to do this from 2 sides. I will encharge myself with he 1st step, you will do the second. With your help, we will find your Apus and your Pachamama and will connect them to  our Apus. Will that work?

This pendant will help enhance your creativity, fertility, unconditional love.

You get that piece of Peru that will awaken the Inca Goddess in you. Every time you will look at this pendant, you will connect to the wisdom of the Nustas and the Incas. This pendant will remind you how you are in the center of all and all gravitates around you. You are fertile, creative, beautiful and without you, dear Pachamamita, nothing works. We need you, dear Goddess, the whole world needs you fully empowered.

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By choosing Apu d'Apu you are supporting a small traditional handmade jewelry business. It is thanks to you if we are making it on the market. You are supporting me, Carlos and Elisabeth. The latter 2 are born at the feets of Apu Ausangate, while I came later. When you choose an Apu D'Apu jewel, you allow the professional Inca jewelry tradition to live.

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