macchu picchu necklace - inca trail gift - peruvian silver jewelry

Apu D'Apu jewels

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Macchu Picchu, that holy place you reach with long the Inca trail trek, deserves a pendant too. It can be a great gift for that companion that shared the trail with you ar can also be for that person that felt the call to go to this holy site, but never made it. Make him or her a surprise, bring Macchu Picchu to them.

- absolutely 100% handmade
- absolutely 100 % natural stones and shells inlay
- unique traditional jewelry work from Cusco, Peru
- absolutely 950 silver
- size: 3.5 cm
- comes on black leather necklace with silver endings
- includes Peruvian jewelry bag

MEANING: This pendant is dedicated to the holy Inca site of Macchu Picchu. The Inca calendar around it want to say that Macchu Picchu is timeless. If you have visited this holy place, you know exactely what I mean.

THE STONES: All the stones I use are absolutely 100% natural. No synthetics here, all my Apu D'Apu jewels are made with natural semiprecious gemstones from Peru, it is a matter of energy that is very important to me. We don't paint out stones, we like them to shine their own naturally beautiful color. Therefore, each piece also comes absolutely unique.

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