inca calendar with three of life artisan silver pendant necklace from Peru

Apu D'Apu jewels

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Tree of life with Inca calendar figures circular pendant from Peru.

Key details:
- unique mystical pendant from Peru
- unique artisan traditional jewelry art from Cusco
- solid silver with lapis lazuli and other stones and shells inlaid
- mystical figures of the Andean calendar: the sun, the moon, the river, tha lagoons, the mountains, the fields
- tree of life in center
- double face, on other side you have the 7 chakras, you can use it both sides
- size: 3.5 cm
- includes: black leather necklace with silver clasps + peruvian textile jewelry bag + handwritten letter by me with explanation of the pendant
- shipment: 14 working days, traceable on

This is a newly designed pendant, mixing peruvian Inca heritage with the general spiritual knowledge of the tree of life symbol. I really like it. The chakras behind make it particularly attractive to spiritual people. I see it as a great gift for aspirant shamans, medicine men and women, yoga people etc.