big red tumi pendant on leather - hand carved spondylus shell - Peru

Apu D'Apu jewels

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Tumi is a important symbol of ancient Peru. It represents the enlightened man and as such was usually hold by shamans. Here it is very uniquely hand carved in red spondylus shell (spiny oyster) and has Peruvian turquoise inlaid in the eyes. It's a super gift for ethnobotanics, anthropologists, psycologists, medical doctors, shamans, healers, medicine people.

Key details:
- very unique work, new ethnic Peruvian style
- complete artisan handmade carving work
- tumi symbol shape is symbol of medicine man in all Peruvian cultures (Inca, Moche, Chimu, Lambayeque)
- carved into natural Peruvian spondylus shell, which was very appreciated by the Incas
- eyes are inlaid natural Peruvian turquoise
- clasp bringing the pendant to the necklace is in solid silver
- size: 5 cm big
- includes: tumi pendant + black leather necklace with silver endings + letter written by me to you;

This pendant is part of the only spondylus collection, which wants to be of a new ethnic peruvian style. This collection is composed of the marine life of Peru, we have starfishes, sea horses and tumi. I hope you like them all and get one for you :-)