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Are you a yoga rings fun? Then you should really have a look at this weekly semanario ring and consider to add it to your jewelry collection. This ring has 3 fascinating aspects:

1) its composed of 7 rings, but it is actually 1 ring

2) movement: the 7 rings move, you can play around with that a lot

3) the 7 colors correspond the 7 days of the week, but also the chakras.

- handmade ring
-950 silver, purer than sterling silver, will make so that the ring will nor tarnish
- sizes US 7 to 9.5, European 15, 16, 17, 19, 20
-colors are actually natural Peruvian gemstones so you will have the energy frequency of Peru
-price includes: ring, Peruvian jewelry bag, personalized letter for you
-perfect yoga boho style ring for your summer 2019

I always liked jewelry with movement. Depending on the length of your fingers, you can play with this ring a lot. Keep all the rings together, if your fingers are short. Keep all of them in a long line of colors, if your fingers are long. So much fun!