The CHAKANA, the 3 reasons to wear it, specially for man

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Are you familiar with the Chakaka, the Inca cross symbol?

If you have been to Peru, you saw it everywhere, same as if you have never been down here, you probably never saw it before. Never the less, you better become familiar with it and also wear it. Let me tell you the 3 reasons:

First, this ancient South American symbol connects you to the holy site of Macchu Picchu and many others point of light on Peru and South America. Do you want to know some of them? Tiawanaku, lake Titikaka, the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Second, it symbolizies a bridge of consciuness. Chaka means bridge and Hanan means the highest, so chakana means the bridge to the highest. Now, tell me, who does not want to wear a jewel instructing your soul to connect to the highest source?

Chakana - inca- coss

Third, Chakana is also a mind map, the one of the Inca King. What does this position mean to you today? Chakana shows you the secret to be the Inca King in your life, that means to govern it with the guidance of a higher purpose. We can say it helps you get in line with your calling and your purpose in life.

Now, are you thinking I m a machista, because I say I specially recommend Chakana to man?

No, no worry, my dear. No reason to be felt left out. Today I talk about the masculine symbol of the Andes. Next time I ll talk about the feminine one.

So, what do you think, who is that man you know worth of wearing such an important symbol of the Andes? Please, feel free to tag that person in comments or share them this article.


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