How does Macchu Picchu come to you, when you cannot go to Macchu Picchu

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     Do you remember that time you traveled to Peru? When was that 2012 or 2011? Of course it was 2012, they year that the world was meant to finish. Do you remember the Inca Trail you walked? Sure you do. Oh, those nights under the Andean sky were amazing. Do you remember the entrance to the mystical Macchu Picchu, just at sunrise, from Inti Punku? Oh, what an incredible journey, right?

Today it is many years since than, but, your heart still beats for Macchu Picchu and the holy mountains of Peru. Let's say the truth, if you could, you would go there again right now. But, it is 2020-21, it is little bit hard to move around and there is this "stay home, stay safe" slogan. Luckily, you have been to Macchu Picchu just before this craziness started.

     But, do you know that saying "if you cannot go to the mountain, the mountain will get to you"? Well, maybe it is time for Macchu Picchu to be invited directly to your home, what do you think? Yes, that is the good new, humans are restricted on travel, but goods are not. That means, you can get something from Macchu Picchu and Cusco shipped directly to your home. It only takes 2 weeks to USA/CANADA, 7 days to EUROPE.

This could also be a nice surprise to that special companion you shared the Inca Trail with. Just think about it. It is already there, in the post box. Who is the gifted person? Is that the man of your life or maybe the a very special woman or a teen that dreams about Macchu Picchu every single night of his life? Or is that maybe you?  And, specially, what what exactly can be in that package coming from far away Peru?

Please share your memories about your visit to Macchu Picchu in the comments and tell me in comments who is the person you would gift and why.

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  • Hello! Thank you so much for the besutiful negless i buy from you ! I was so happy i got it immediatley and you send me a wonderfol Letter! I would like to Visite you Thank you for everything Many Greetings from Germany, Marion

    Marion on

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